Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Considering the strength and purity of our products, we offer the highest quality CBD Oil for the best price.

Shop and compare cannabinoid strength with our competitors and you will agree. 

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What is the Cannabinoid % ?

This is the essential question as the active ingredient in CBD is the Phytocannabinoids, yet many CBD Suppliers never even mention this most essential percentage.

organic broad spectrum cbd

Considering the strength and purity of our products, we offer the highest quality CBD for the best price. 

Shop and compare cannabinoid % with any of our competitors and you will agree.

What is the cannabinoid % ?

This is the essential question because the active ingredient in CBD is the Phytocannabinoids, yet many CBD suppliers never even mention this all important percentage. 

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Our Products

Vegan CBD Dog Treats

Bag of 30 Vegan Smokey Bacon Flavoured Dog Treats. Each treat containing 2.5mg of Broad Spectrum, 0.0% THC, CBD and 20 calories.


Harvey’s CBD Oil

Harvey was a very special dog with My Lovely Horse Rescue. He was at every fundraising event for years and stole the hearts of so many. Despite having a rare blood disease and losing both his eyes, Harvey wagged his happy tail no matter what. For the last two years of Harvey’s life he was on CBD Science products. The balm and spray soothed his skin condition and helped Harvey have a more comfortable life. We are so delighted to call this spray after a very special dog, a true legend. His memory lives on and hopefully will help other animals.


CBD Skin Balm

Lavender and Eucalyptus healing salve infused with 10 %  Broad Spectrum CBD Due to high demand please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery of this item  



10 ml  Glass Bottle - Dropper Top | 0% THC Broad Spectrum Oil | 85% Phytocannabinoid-Rich | 100% Organic


CBD Infused Mask

10MG Total CBD in each package. Broad Spectrum CBD Oil  Facial | Hand| Feet Mask.


We Offer Wholesale Solutions For Your Business!

White Label

When you Private Label with CBD Science,  our industry-leading quality CBD, and our one-stop design, print, labelling and  shipping solutions are all available for you.

With over 20 products in the  Pet and Human Wellness, Cosmetics and Active Lifestyle categories, we have products to ft the needs of your business from Kinesiology tape to Gummy Bears.

With  orders  as low as 100 bottles per SKU, to +1,000,000,  we have built our processes to scale efficiently and offer  increasing levels of discount for larger  quantities.


If you prefer to formulate and  manage your own bottling and packaging, all of our products and ingredients are available in bulk.

We even will develop  custom formulations and  assist you with product development to suit your  customers’ needs and requirements.

You can take advantage of the certifications we  hold to sell CBD and add it to your products. We  are happy to fully align our interests with yours, because when you grow, we grow.

Please contact us if you wish to make a bulk order. We can sell to you buy the kilo or by the barrel.

Case Study

My Lovely Horse Rescue