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Thomas Duffy


We have been in business since 2018 providing the best quality, high cabbanoid count, Zero THC, Irish CBD Oil. We value honesty and fairness above all. Our mission is to provide the highest quality organic products with  the highest amount of effective active ingredients at an affordable price.

We have been providing Irish CBD Oil and CBD products for the wholesale and retail markets within Ireland and Europe since 2018. 

The story of our Irish CBD Oil

I was an interested in CBD from it’s very beginnings  and  did enormous amounts of research to help me choose the best products. We wanted to provide only the finest Irish CBD Oil for our customers.

I read many accounts both negative and positive, from it being a total rip off, foul smelling, and just not working, to tales of miraculous turnarounds with various health issues from anxiety to sports injuries.

Back in 2017 we were desperate to find a solution for our mother’s arthritic hands as she had always done so much for all of us and to watch her suffer was not tolerable. 

Year after year we had watched with frustration as her condition worsened despite the many medications and the best medical attention. 

We decided to try the salve on my mother’s hands  and after a week the mobility in her fingers began to return and after two weeks she was experiencing fewer spasms and had full mobility back. The pain and swelling had decreased to the point that she was again doing the things she loved.

Having to go through such a long search just to find a product that delivered and seeing the high prices that were charged for products that either didn’t deliver or were made with inferior additives or processes,  we were  inspired to make widely available the highest quality product possible with total transparency,  at a fair price to the Irish Market. We now sell the best organic Irish CBD oil

We now offer our products internationally for retail and wholesale with shipping centres in the U.S. and Europe.

My Lovely Horse Rescue

We donate our products for the benefit of the animals at My Lovely Horse Rescue, with great results reported from their Dublin farm. As all animals have endocannabinoid receptors, this allows CBD to have an effect. 

Julio the donkey used to suffer with a very sore nose and skin. Thanks to regular application of our CBD salve, he is completely healed. He even tried to eat it!

Play Video about Brown donkey with blue jar of CBD relief salve in foreground.

Learn more about My Lovely Horse Rescue, the work they do with their rescue animals and additional case studies with regards to their use of our Irish CBD oil salve. 


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